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Tria Marine Diesel

Diesel engines play an important role in the shipping industry. Tria Oil Group knows the demanding schedules and needs of the marine business where minutes can mean the difference between heading away to sea and missing a day.

Tria Oil Group offers premium quality marine diesel, also known as marine gas oil, for marine purposes only, in vessels such as boats, ships, submarines, etc.

When ordering from Tria, you are guaranteed to receive a fast delivery. Tria trucks and depots are some of the most efficient in Ireland. This means that when you order your marine fuel (sulphur-free gas oil/marine diesel) from Tria, it will be delivered from your nearest depot – fast!

You can use our quick quote or ring one of our local offices, and then sit back, and we’ll deliver to you!

With Tria, you can be sure of:

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Tria More than half a century of delivering fuels throughout Cork.

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