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Home Heating Oil Cork Suppliers

Kerosene is used in modern boiler systems for home heating. The clean burning characteristics of kerosene maintain high heat output and maximum efficiency. For many years it has been proven to be the most economical fuel for central heating, which probably explains why it is so popular. At Tria Oil Group, we provide kerosene oil at competitive prices.

Gas oil is commonly used in older houses with an outdoor burner or older boiler system. It’s a diesel type fuel, which can be used in industrial boilers and domestic heating applications.


The Benefits of Home Heating Oil Cork

Oil heating is a tried and tested method that offers several benefits over other heating methods, such as mains natural gas or electricity. Some of the main benefits include:




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You can order now by phoning FREEPHONE number 1800 470 470 or email us at info@tria.ie. You can also contact us through any of our local branches here. We can deliver six days a week and will accommodate same day or next day delivery where possible.


For city-based customers, you can also contact us online at City Oil.

If you’re living abroad in a warm climate and want to send warmth and comfort to family and friends back home in Ireland, we can do that as well. Ask the team about a Tria gift voucher.

You can use our Quick Quote or ring one of our local offices, and then sit back, and we’ll deliver to you!

With Tria, you can be sure of:


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Commercial Fuel powers many vehicles and industrial machinery. The vast majority of our customers that purchase white diesel are within the transport and logistics industry sector with a fleet ranging from small to large. Road diesel is also known as DERV or white diesel.

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Tria More than half a century of delivering fuels throughout Cork.

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