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Tria Agricultural Diesel

Tria Oil Group is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers for fuels used on farms. With more than 120 years of combined history and experience, we have been serving the farming community and making sure farmers get fuel when they need it. We are proud of the working relationships we have built with our customers whom rely on us to supply their fuel requirements and keep their businesses moving. When you order marked gas oil (MGO, and also known as tractor diesel, green diesel, and agricultural diesel) from us, you can be rest assured it will be delivered quickly thanks to our network of depots.

We understand that reliable deliveries are essential to the running of every farm. For this reason, we deliver, regardless of the weather, guaranteeing your business is running its full potential and never without fuel. We can supply your farm with agricultural diesel and road diesel (DERV), both offered at a competitive price. With our range of products, you can run all of your agricultural machinery using oils supplied by Tria Oil Group. Whether you are an independent farmer, part of a farming group, or farming contractor, we have a fuel solution to suit your needs. We offer great deals on oils and fuels for powering your tractors, silage harvesters, and combines.

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If you work in agriculture, then you know how important your productivity is and the demanding role of your equipment and machinery. Tractors, bailers, trucks, air compressors, irrigation equipment, vacuum pumps and other machinery can be costly. Nearly all machinery requires the use of lubricants, which minimises direct metal to metal contact and protect engine parts against corrosion for longer lasting performance. That can be difficult because of harsh environmental and operating conditions such as heat, cold, dirt or water. For these reasons, we also supply a range of quality lubricants aimed at prolonging the life cycle of your expensive machinery, increase their productivity, and saving you money.

Tria supplies a wide range of fuel oil and lubricant products which can be easily delivered to your farm or work premises. You can use our Quick Quote or ring one of our local offices, and then sit back, and we’ll deliver to you!

With Tria, you can be sure of:

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Tria More than half a century of delivering fuels throughout Cork.

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