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Tria Testimonials

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Mrs. B
Drimoleague, County Cork

Johnny the oilman was kind enough to help me after having delivered oil as I mentioned that the pipe between the tank and the range was airlocked as I had totally run out of oil. He quickly freed up the pipe so that the range worked at once. He rescued a damsel in distress. Now that’s what I call service with a smile!

Sean Foley
Blarney, County Cork

I am a regular Tria Blarney Express customer. The 24-hour pay-at-pump is quick and convenient and is always good price too.

Sandra L.
Kanturk, County Cork

Great service had from Tria! Ordered oil on Friday. It was last minute as our oil was stolen, and they had oil here to me by lunchtime Saturday just as weather started getting cooler! Highly recommend this company.

Orla Murphy
County Cork

5-stars. Best around. Getting oil for 12 years from them [Tria Osborne Oil] and great service and price.

Tria More than half a century of delivering fuels throughout Cork.

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